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WildCatzTy Here.

Ok here's the basic rundown.
Of going uphill dude. Um It's backwards.
(Hint Try the uprising backwards. and stop looping it over.
What kind pf piano do you got or program. I got HiphopDJ and TecnoJam2000. I need material like yours. Swing By mystuff. Nice effort. work on the downward airplane effect.

lennen13 responds:

hey! you know what ? it's not looping it's one track. it has a beginning and an end it dosn't loop except on NG

Hyper hYper

hey Man WildCatzTy Here.
You can down side this piece and put it to the test if you have midi then convert it to winamp. if you can't. Then that's ok. BUt It's a Hint worth a try. It let's you add your full piece on cause of it downsizing it.
I like this piece you still have the bass effect of long and drawn out. Change the pulse to the bass effect. You got the talent. Promote your stuff Like I try.
Try to swing by mystuff by typing my name in the author bar. Keep Writing Songs.
CL Laterz

lennen13 responds:

the reason the file isn't smaller is cause I don't want it to be smaller. don't assume that I could not make it smaller I want it this size


I Like the bass effect of techno you put into your piece. Continue to make music.
1) The Snare Piece needs to be louder. (opionion)
2) Add some more effects
3) Keep Up the Good Effort.
I'll keep reviewing if you keep submitting.
WildCatzTy Saying
CL LAterz

lennen13 responds:

sorry dude there were no snares what you heard were claps, but Iam making it longer. YOu were right it was weirdly short thanx for the review.

WildCatz Reviews

Great Piece Like all your other work. Love your movies to! Hey Got a favor can you review some of my music sense i reviewed yours? Thanks!

EdibleCastle responds:

i might!

WildCatz Reviews

Alright You Should check out my profile and please would you listen to my music and rate it good like I did yours thanks!

anime-enigma responds:

Thanks I'm glad you liked it.

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